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Honest & Reliable Marine Construction Firm

Design and Installation

CPP specializes in design and construction of docks, piers, boat lifts and shoreline protection installations. Our team will design a waterfront configuration that will meet your needs, as well as conform to the appropriate state and county regulations regarding property line setbacks.

Our custom design services work with your lifestyle, your lot, and your budget. At CPP, we are environmentally conscious and consistently meet or exceed all local and county code requirements.

Shoreline erosion control prevents loss of property and shoreline destruction which affects property value as well as many aspects of the ecosystem, affecting plants, flowers, vegetation and crops because the soil does not contain enough nutrients to help them grow healthily. ​


Dependable erosion control is our standard at CPP, so if you're looking to find the most ideal erosion control specialist in Maryland, allow us to offer you professional services at an affordable price.

Shoreline Installation & Restoration 
Boat Lift Installation

CPP installs reliable, high quality boat lifts for boats large and small, as well as for personal watercrafts.


Whether you need to upgrade your existing boat lift or need to have a new one installed for the first time, CPP works with industry leaders to provide top tier boat lifts that are the easiest and safest way to keep your boat out of the water and free of corrosion. 

Do you have an existing dock or boathouse thats in need of repair or expansion? Our custom design services are specific to your situation, property, watercraft, and entertainment needs.


When you need service or repair, whether we built your dock or not, our team is ready to respond. We are committed to providing prompt reliable service, as well as quality repairs, modifications and additions.

Repair & Maintenance



Chesapeake Pier and Pile is a full service marine construction company. We specialize in the restoration and installation of docks, piers, pilings, boat lifts and waterfront shorelines. CPP provides custom designs to fit your property as well as a variety of boat lifts and pile driving services. CPP also offers dependable annual service, sales, repairs and maintenance.


Whether you are docking your watercraft, fishing, swimming, or enjoying a beautiful summer day, there is no better way to make the most of your property than with easy access to your waterfront. 







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